Awakening Consciousness: A Girl’s Guide & A Boy’s Guide by Robin Marvel

Stars: ***1/2 This review is for both books at once as they have only minor differences. Summary: These are workbooks designed to encourage spiritual growth, inner strength and self awareness. The exercises are a bit different in each book as outlined below. Girl’s Guide: Your chakras, keep a healthy aura, learn the pendulum, aromatherapy crafts,… Read More »

How the Moon Regained Her Shape by Janet Ruth Heller

Stars: ***** Summary: Influenced by Native American folktales, this fascinating story deals with bullying, self-confidence, and understanding the phases of the moon. After the sun insults and bullies her, the moon gets very upset and disappears – much to the chagrin of rabbits who miss their moonlight romps. With the help of her friends, the… Read More »

Watchers by W. Lyon Martin

This review was first published at The Well-Read Child. Stars: **** Watchers is based on a poem by Kelley ‘Duckee’ Magee. It’s the story of a little boy who is being watched while he sleeps. He can see figures moving but he’s not sure what they are. He thinks they must be monsters and he… Read More »

Call of the Witches: Book 3 of the Witchery Series by Laura Stamps

Stars: **** First a little about the series (from the author’s blog): THE WITCHERY SERIES Trilogy (published by Trytium Publishing) A sexy paranormal romance novel series in paperback. In this series you’ll meet five wonderful Witches: Savannah, Maylene, Mirabella, Noelle, and Ravena. There’s something for everyone in this trilogy. The novels range from empowering to… Read More »

Chameleon, Butterfly, Dragonfly by Cindy Silbert

Subtitle: a Divine guide to Lasting FulfillmentStars: ****1/2 Summary: In Chameleon Butterfly Dragonfly, Cindy Silbert guides you beyond your ego and intermittent happiness to your true self and lasting fulfillment. Based on her own encounter with the Divine Feminine, she reveals untouched wisdom and three Divine Archetypes that hold the key to balance, expression, power… Read More »

Sisters of Misery by Megan Kelley Hall

Stars: ***** I received this book for review from the author. It will also be counted towards the Young Adult Challenge. I’ve been reading everyone else’s reviews of this book for weeks and that just made me want to read it even more. You can find other book blogger’s reviews of this book at the… Read More »

Spiritual Parenting: A Loving Guide for the New Age Parent by David Carroll

Stars: ***** This book was read for the Spirituality Challenge and 888 Challenge. I wrote the review of another book, Humanism for Parents while I was just a few chapters into this one and I mentioned this book, saying that this book wasn’t as good as Humanism for Parents. However now that I’ve finished the… Read More »