Beyond These Four Walls: Diary of a Psychic Medium by Maryrose Occhino

Stars: ***** Penguin (2004) Paranormal 197 pages “Born to a family of intuitive women, MaryRose Occhino uses her “celestial whispers” to open the minds and the hearts of everyone who has sought out her remarkable abilities as a link to loved ones who have passed on. But her powers also became her connection to the… Read More »

Speed Reviews – Mixture

No Kids: 40 Good Reasons Not To Have Children by Corinne MaierStars: **** Summary: The shocking treatise that was a bestselling international media sensation upon its 2007 publication in France now makes its eagerly anticipated English-language debut. In forty to-the-point, impressively erudite chapters drawing on the realms of history, child psychology, politics, and the environment,… Read More »

Ruined by Paula Morris

Stars: **** Teen Fiction309 pages© 2009 Point (Scholastic) Summary: Rebecca’s dad has to go out of the country so she is sent to temporarily live with her Aunt in New Orleans, a few years after Katrina. She’s snubbed at the prep school and doesn’t seem to fit in until she meets Lisette. Only one problem,… Read More »

Call of the Witches: Book 3 of the Witchery Series by Laura Stamps

Stars: **** First a little about the series (from the author’s blog): THE WITCHERY SERIES Trilogy (published by Trytium Publishing) A sexy paranormal romance novel series in paperback. In this series you’ll meet five wonderful Witches: Savannah, Maylene, Mirabella, Noelle, and Ravena. There’s something for everyone in this trilogy. The novels range from empowering to… Read More »

Blossom Culp and the Sleep of Death by Richard Peck

Stars: **** Yes again this is not the cover of the version I have but it was all I could find. The cover pictured here does look more interesting though. I read this book for the What’s in a Name Challenge (the first one). Blossom being the name of a flower. Summary: Teenage psychic Blossom… Read More »

Jade Green by Phyllis Reynolds Naylor

Stars: ***** This book is being counted towards A Ghostly Challenge, R.I.P. III Challenge and Young Adult Challenge. It was also read during the Read-a-Thon. Summary: Orphaned fifteen-year-old Judith Sparrow brings two secrets to her uncle’s house in South Carolina: one, that her grief-stricken mother died in a madhouse, the other that she has disobeyed… Read More »

The Ghosts of Kerfol by Deborah Noyes

Stars: **** I received this book for review as an addition to the one I requested. It is being counted towards the A Ghostly Challenge and R.I.P. III Challenge. Summary: In her classic ghost story “Kerfol,” Edith Wharton tells the tale of Anne de Barrigan, a young Frenchwoman convicted of murdering her husband, the jealous… Read More »