Chameleon, Butterfly, Dragonfly by Cindy Silbert

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Subtitle: a Divine guide to Lasting FulfillmentStars: ****1/2

Summary: In Chameleon Butterfly Dragonfly, Cindy Silbert guides you beyond your ego and intermittent happiness to your true self and lasting fulfillment. Based on her own encounter with the Divine Feminine, she reveals untouched wisdom and three Divine Archetypes that hold the key to balance, expression, power and your destiny. Chameleon Butterfly Dragonfly is more than just another “self-help” book, it takes you on a mystical journey to manifest your greatest desires.

“When exactly did time change from being your guide to some kind of god that you pray to as if it’s the answer to everything?” – pg. 1

Boy is this sentence true. I find myself saying ‘If I could just have more time..;’ all the time. Don’t you?

I really enjoyed this book. It’s not too often I see real spirituality books that aren’t about a specific religion. The main idea behind the book (which was written with Divine inspiration,) is that us Women aren’t being our true selves and that if we can set aside our egos and be our true selves, ourselves and our world will be much better of.

This book won’t be for everyone. There is talk of Gods and Goddesses, messages from the deities and destiny (although it’s not used with it’s usual meaning here.) It is however a good book for me!

“Imagine a bird with a broken wing trying to fly. It is impossible. The only hope for the bird is to heal its wing and return to its natural integrity. Only then, can the bird do what it was intended to do without effort. Like the bird, your only hope is to return to your natural integrity, your True Self. Then and only then will balance and fulfillment naturally occur in your life.” – pg. 3

With non-fiction books, I always find that reading the chapter headings helps me understand what I will find in a book but when you are reading a recommendation online, you can’t see the Table of Contents. That’s why I usually include it in my review. Here’s what you’ll find:

Preface (Divine Intervention), Introduction (The Goddess my Muse), With This Book (Let the Divine be your Guide), Truth (Something Must Give), Awareness (Emergence of the Divine Feminine), Embody (Awaken the Divine Archetypes), Balance (Restore Your Natural Integrity), Reveal (Discover Your Eminent Archetype), Expression (Embrace Your True Self – Chameleon, Butterfly, Dragonfly), Power (Manifest Your Desires), Destiny (Live Courageously), Epilogue (A Truly Divine Life). There are also journal pages at the end of the book.

In the Awareness chapter, Cindi Silbert talks about Yin and Yang and restoring the balance between those two in the world. She says we need to embrace our Yin (feminine energy.)

“This isn’t about having to quit your job or give up everything you’ve worked for to wear frilly dresses and run through poppy fields. We can’t replenish feminine Yin by denying our own masculine Yang. Denying our femininity is partly what got us here in the first place. It’s not the way out. The Divine Feminine isn’t guiding you to be more ‘feminine’ and less ‘masculine’ but to become more ‘you’ than ever before.” – pg. 8

If you’re not Pagan, skip this next paragraph. The wounds section in the Balance chapter could easily be made into self-healing spells.

The book contains visualizations, questions and affirmations throughout and lots of opportunities to write in either the journal pages at the back or your own journal. There are also a few quizzes in the book too. Now I am not one to write in a book but I did make a few annotations where things clicked with me and did the quizzes lightly in the book because I know I’ll be keeping this book and if I wrote it in a separate journal I’d have to copy down what the book said too.

Overall this book was pretty good. There were just a few things I noticed that could be improved upon. In the Expression chapter, under the At Her Best and At Her Worst sections, many qualities are listed. They aren’t all listed similarly. I’m not sure how to explain so I’ll give examples:

Ageless vs. Divinity

Shouldn’t it be Ageless and Divine or Agelessness and Divinity?

Anyways it’s not that big of a deal. Also, I don’t usually mention typos and grammatical errors if I see one or two but I noticed at least 4 in this book.

Overall though I highly recommend this book to all women.

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About the Author:

Cindy’s natural gift is to listen beyond words as she guides women to thrive in every aspect of life from home, work, love, body and soul. She is an Author, Coach, Speaker, and the Creator of Life Cultivation, a dynamic fusion of eastern and western practices that transforms your personal or business life. Cindy founded and to inspire and guide women worldwide to realize full self-expression and lasting fulfillment. Cindy’s gift is coupled with over 25 years of experience and education in business, marketing, transformation, and coaching. She currently resides in Del Mar, California with her husband and son. You can sign up to receive updates on Cindi and the book here.
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