Year in Review 2019

A whole year has gone by again and I sadly didn’t make it to my reading goal, mostly due to some times where I was depressed and played video games instead of reading. I also started out the year doing monthly review posts but that stopped after the first few. I hope to try that… Read More »

Top 10 Books Read in 2018 #Top10of2018

I haven’t done it in a few years but I used to always share my top reads in the year and I’m happy to be doing it this year. I’m not technically done reading yet but I am reading my last book so I think I can decide what my top books were. Looking back,… Read More »

Read My Name – a 2019 Reading Challenge

I hosted a version of this challenge WAAAYYYYYY back in the late 2000s. I decided to bring it back. Please note: Although this blog is a nonfiction blog, this challenge is for fiction as well as nonfiction. GOAL: Read books with your first, middle or last name as an author name, character name, place name… Read More »

I’m #5 of the Top 25 Nonfiction Blogs

Blog awards are subjective and sometimes created to bring attention to the award giver but I don’t care, I’m happy about this award. Feedspot gathered the Top 25 Nonfiction Blogs and I made #5! These blogs combine those writing for nonfiction authors/writers and other nonfiction book bloggers like me (yay them!) Go check out the… Read More »

Learn Something New 2019 Reading Challenge #LSNReadingChallenge

The reason I love nonfiction books so much is because I can learn so many things. Whether you are learning to knit, or fix cars, or ideas for parenting, or how to play guitar, nonfiction books can help you do it. This reading challenge is simple but fun, just how I like my reading challenges.… Read More »

I’ve been featured in Reading Roots at Reading Through Life!

Carina from Reading Through Life hosts a weekly interview with readers to discover how they developed into a reader. Today it’s finally my day! Please go on over and check it out!! This post is Copyright 2001-2012 SMS Book Reviews. Do not reproduce anything without permission.

Rubber Balls & Liquor Available April 26 – Check it out!

WARNING: Videos contain adult humour. Proceed at your own risk. Rubber Balls & Liquor is a new book by comedian Gilbert Gottfried and is available for purchase tomorrow, April 26th, 2011.It’s being published by St. Martin’s Press. I’ve got three book trailers for you to check out and a review and giveaway will be coming… Read More »