Sisters of Misery by Megan Kelley Hall

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Stars: *****

I received this book for review from the author. It will also be counted towards the Young Adult Challenge.

I’ve been reading everyone else’s reviews of this book for weeks and that just made me want to read it even more. You can find other book blogger’s reviews of this book at the end of my review.

Summary: “There are some girls who have everything… She has the right clothes, the right friends, and the right last name, but fifteen-year-old Maddie Crane sometimes feels like an outsider in her clique in the wealthy, seaside town of Hawthorne, Massachusetts. And when her gorgeous, eccentric cousin Cordelia LeClaire moves to town, Maddie is drawn toward her ethereal, magical spirit and teeters even more toward the edge of her friends’ tightly-knit circle…

Then there are the jealous ones… Kate Endicott and the Sisters of Misery–a secret clique of the most popular, powerful girls in school–are less than thrilled by Cordelia’s arrival. When Kate’s on-again, off-again boyfriend Trevor takes an interest in Cordelia, the Sisters of Misery become determined to make her pay…

Now Maddie must choose between the allure and power of the Sisters of Misery and her loyalty to her beloved cousin.

What first drew me to this novel was when I heard the words magical. I am very glad I chose to review it. I think as a Pagan I might appreciate or at least understand more about the book than non-pagans. It’s not a pagan book, but there are aspects that are pagan in nature.

At the beginning of each chapter a rune is shown along with a basic meaning.

e.g. “Raido (rune shown) The Wheel-Time. New Beginnings, Promise, Opportunity; A Spiritual Journey or Quest.” – pg 18

These words give us a general idea of what may come in that chapter.

Also one character in the book opens up a store that sells magical items, among them runes, potions, oils, and Wiccan tools.

This book is shocking. Just when I thought I couldn’t be shocked by anything else, something even more shocking would happen.

I didn’t realize however that this book is the start of a series. So now I’m left hanging until AT LEAST August 2009!

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