Raising Bookworms at Home

This is a guest post. Creating a Home Environment that Nurtures a Passion for Reading We are currently in a time dominated by digital distractions and screen time. So, raising bookworms and creating a home environment that nurtures a passion for reading off-screen is hugely important. We’ll delve into practical strategies and tips you can… Read More »

Year in Review – 2020

Thank goodness this is my READING in review and not the full year in review because as everyone knows, 2020 was CRAZY. Since I didn’t make my reading goal in 2019 I decided to go easy on myself and make my goal 50 books for 2020 (which turned out to be a good idea.) According… Read More »

Dewey Decimal System

Melville Kossuth Dewey was born December 10 1851. Dewey was the creator of the Dewey Decimal System when he was 21. He used knowledge from other people to make it but he refined all those ideas into one system. He also helped establish the American Library Association (ALA) and died December 26, 1931. Dewey Decimal… Read More »

Adding Old Books to my TBR List

I stumbled upon and old document on my computer that was how I kept track of books I wanted to read BEFORE Goodreads. A lot of them I no longer want to read because they are fiction, have really bad reviews or are about topics I’m no longer interested in. I added the rest to… Read More »

Year in Review 2019

A whole year has gone by again and I sadly didn’t make it to my reading goal, mostly due to some times where I was depressed and played video games instead of reading. I also started out the year doing monthly review posts but that stopped after the first few. I hope to try that… Read More »

February 2019 Monthly Wrap-Up

It’s March! The year is flying by, don’t you think? I certainly didn’t read as much in Febrauary as I did in January but I’m still ahead of schedule according to GoodReads so I’m good. This month I read 7 books. Well technically there are a few shorter ones I finished in February that I… Read More »

Monthly Wrap-Up January

January is finally over! I hate winter so I’m glad to see a winter month over. I read a LOT of books this month, I was just on a reading frenzy. I’ve never read so much in one month! Sure some of them were started before January and some are children’s nonfiction but still. Books… Read More »