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Praise and Thanks from authors, publishers or publicists I’ve worked with:

“Of all the review sites that my peers recommended for, The Book About Tony Chestnut, yours stood out above the rest. I felt an immediate warm connection, professional sincerity; with a wonderful dose of straightforward, candid honesty. In addition, I felt happy, and at home during my visit with you unlike some of the others that made me feel like a laden guest! And this observation is not just from my authors perspective, it is from my view as a child development specialist.” – Laurie Monopoli, The Learning Station

“Thank you for your positive review of my book..Straight Talk for Teenage Girls. You under-stood why I give factual information for ALL girls so they can decide. My critics want me to promote “save till marriage” and do not realize EVERYONE must make their own choices and it may be different at various ages. You are SO appreciated!!!” – Annette Fuson

This is PERFECT. You’ve captured the essence of the book beautifully, stated your objections concisely. One cannot ask for anything more/better than a fair and honest review. I’m THRILLED! and hope you’ll want to read my next book, whatever it may be. Thank you for interest and contribution. Not EVERY book rates a 5 with EVERY reader. It is unrealistic. – Alexander Watson, author of River Queens: Saucy boat, stout mates, spotted dog, America

If we’ve worked together and you have something positive you’d like to say, please contact me! I’d love to hear it.