Ruined by Paula Morris

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Stars: ****

Teen Fiction
309 pages
© 2009 Point (Scholastic)

Summary: Rebecca’s dad has to go out of the country so she is sent to temporarily live with her Aunt in New Orleans, a few years after Katrina. She’s snubbed at the prep school and doesn’t seem to fit in until she meets Lisette. Only one problem, she’s a ghost. She also meets Anton Grey, a boy from the boy’s prep school. He seems to be the only person who’s nice to her other than Lisette. But there’s more to the story which Rebecca slowly uncovers until she’s right in the middle of it.

I thought this was a good ghost story with some great information on New Orleans and the aftermath of Katrina. I have seen quite a bit of negative reviews of this book but other than the cover, I don’t see what’s wrong with this book.

I found it quite intriguing, and although I guessed the twist ending, I don’t necessarily count that against a book made for teens since I’m an adult. I think ages 14-16 would like this the best.

Anyone who frequents my blog knows I’m not great at reviewing fiction because I never know how to explain plot, characters, theme etc. I did like the character Lisette the best and I really felt sorry for her. I also identified with Rebecca and how she felt as an outcast in New Orleans.

I liked that the book had a romantic aspect but that it wasn’t a big focus of the book like it is in many teen novels. It was a nice change.

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