The Great Camping Event – Day 2: Sleeping in a Sack by Linda White

It’s Day 2 of The Great Camping Event. Be sure to check back all this week and next for reviews, giveaways, guest posts and camping info. Stars: **** Summary: A little book of camping activities and know-how for children. Covers basics of gear, choosing a tent, camp cooking, camp songs, stars and more. Sleeping in… Read More »

I’m Off Camping!

I am officially gone for the week starting today. I’m a leader at Girl Guide Camp which was the inspiration for The Great Camping Event coming up as soon as I get back. Be sure to come back for reviews, guest posts and giveaways (one both of my blogs) See the link above for more… Read More »

Camping Week: Day Six

Okay so I admit it. I originally though July 20-25 was 5 days, but I can’t count apparently. So I have nothing, absolutely nothing for you today. So thanks for checking out my Camping Week, I hope you enjoyed it. :) This post is Copyright 2001-2012 SMS Book Reviews. Do not reproduce anything without permission.

Camping Week: Day Five

Well it’s the final day, everyone is packing up to go home. It’s been a great week. I hope you enjoyed Camping Week. After today’s review you’ll find Camping Fun! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Pig Pig Goes to Camp by David McPhailStars: **** I was first introduced to Pig Pig in a book that was read to me… Read More »

Camping Week: Day Four

The week is winding down, leaders are getting tired, we’re all hot and sticky but we are still having fun. After today’s review you’ll find website to help you find a place to camp. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ When I Go Camping with Grandma by Marion Dane BauerStars: *** A young girl (age 6-8 most likely) goes camping… Read More »

Camping Week: Day Three

Well it’s day three now, everyone’s settled and having a great time. Swimming, hiking, crafts, campfires and more. After today’s review you’ll find review of camping non-fiction by other people. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~When We Go Camping by Margriet RuursStars: ****1/2 I received a copy of this book from Tundra Books for review. This is a beautiful story… Read More »

Camping Week: Day Two

Okay it’s day two, the campers are all settled in and we’re starting activities. After today’s review, be sure to check out my list of camping blogs! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Whistling by Elizabeth PartridgeStars: **** The book starts out with a father and son camping outside in the open air, waiting for something. The son is asked… Read More »