Camping Week: Day Five

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Well it’s the final day, everyone is packing up to go home. It’s been a great week. I hope you enjoyed Camping Week. After today’s review you’ll find Camping Fun!


Pig Pig Goes to Camp by David McPhail
Stars: ****

I was first introduced to Pig Pig in a book that was read to me growing up called Pig Pig Grows up. We were excited when we learned about 8 years later that Pig Pig had also gone to Camp. He’s also been in a few other books apparently.

Anyways, Pig Pig decides one day that he’s old enough to go away to camp and so packs up and gets on the bus to go to Camp WildHog. While he’s there he has lots of fun and also makes friends with all the frogs, and boy are there a lot of frogs at this camp! With the frogs following him everyone, it becomes too much and he is sent home for being too popular, frogs and all.

It’s cute and starts out really well, but I would have preferred to see a more realistic camp experience, not being sent home before everyone else and being followed around by hundreds of frogs.


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