Camping Week: Day Three

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Well it’s day three now, everyone’s settled and having a great time. Swimming, hiking, crafts, campfires and more. After today’s review you’ll find review of camping non-fiction by other people.


When We Go Camping by Margriet Ruurs
Stars: ****1/2

I received a copy of this book from Tundra Books for review.

This is a beautiful story of two kids and their family who are camping in the mountains. They sleep in a bottomless tent and see or encounter signs of such animals as moose, porcupines, elk, bear, herons, otters, raccoons and beavers.

Each page has an animal hidden in the illustrations for you to find and the back of the book has a brief synopsis of each animal mentioned in the book along with a picture of their track.

Something I found funny, the author’s first book is called A Mountain Alphabet and on one page, you see an outstretched arm holding that book.

The illustrations are painted and are quite lifelike although I found the people’s faces a little scary looking sometimes.

Although I don’t go canoeing or fishing, sleep in a bottomless tent, put our food out of reach of bears or camp right on the river, this book was a good read before and while we were camping a few weekends ago.
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