The Great Camping Event – Day 2: Sleeping in a Sack by Linda White

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It’s Day 2 of The Great Camping Event. Be sure to check back all this week and next for reviews, giveaways, guest posts and camping info.

Stars: ****

Summary: A little book of camping activities and know-how for children. Covers basics of gear, choosing a tent, camp cooking, camp songs, stars and more.

Sleeping in a Sack is one of many similar books from Gibbs Smith. The others include: Cooking on a Stick, Trekking on a Trail, Fishing in a Brook, Wishing on a Star and more.

The contents are as follows: Living Outdoors, Types of Camping, Choosing Outdoor Gear, Planning Your Trip, Selecting a Campsite, Setting Up Camp, Camp Chow, Camp Skills and Pleasures, Green Camping and Packing List. The age group this book is made for is too young to camp themselves but a child interested in helping their parents plan and get ready for a camp would enjoy the information in the book. There are also activities to try both at camp and before camp. There are two symbols to show when an activity requires the use of a sharp instrument or is a burn hazard. Ricky the Raccoon also adorns the pages with helpful info and tidbits. The whole book is littered with cute little illustrations which really make the book pop.

My favourite activity is a Camper Clean-Up Kit. I didn’t make it because at our Guide camp, the number of campers has been low so the girls leave their toiletries (bathroom items) in the bathroom. But the Camper Clean-Up Kit is great for those who still have to bring all their stuff with them. It’s made out of a towel and has pockets for holding toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, brush etc.. and ties around the waist so it’s hands free and one part of the towel is used as a towel. It’s great!

I found the book to be a good introduction to camping for kids ages 8+.

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