Spiritual Parenting: A Loving Guide for the New Age Parent by David Carroll

Stars: ***** This book was read for the Spirituality Challenge and 888 Challenge. I wrote the review of another book, Humanism for Parents while I was just a few chapters into this one and I mentioned this book, saying that this book wasn’t as good as Humanism for Parents. However now that I’ve finished the… Read More »

The Secret World of Kabbalah by Judith Z. Abrams

Stars: ***** I read this book for the Spirituality Challenge. This is the first book of Kabbalah that actually made any sense to me. It’s truly an introduction. Every other book about this subject I’ve tried to read, I couldn’t even get a little bit into. This book is written for children and teens but… Read More »

Parent as Mystic, Mystic as Parent by David Spangler

Stars: **** David Spangler calls himself a mystic. This book is stories of life with is own children and how they relate to his being a mystic. The book is NOT religious. He talks of spirituality, not religion so this book is not for a specific religion. He does mention God but does specify whose… Read More »

The Spirituality of Mazes and Labyrinths by Gailand MacQueen

Stars: **** A beautiful book full of gorgeous photography, this book explains the difference between mazes and labyrinths and how they can be used to furthur your spirituality. If you have heard of the labryinth but don’t know much about them or what all the hype is, this is a good book. The book also… Read More »