Parent as Mystic, Mystic as Parent by David Spangler

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Stars: ****

David Spangler calls himself a mystic. This book is stories of life with is own children and how they relate to his being a mystic. The book is NOT religious. He talks of spirituality, not religion so this book is not for a specific religion. He does mention God but does specify whose God he is referring to. To some, this book will just be another parent telling stories of his children. To others, it will be a look into how to raise a better child by considering the idea that the parent doesn’t have all the answers and that sometimes, it’s the children who do. He writes that we can learn from our children sometimes if we just take the time to listen.

It is a wonderful book that I will recommend to other parents who are looking for a different kind of parenting book. My only qualm is that it was a little hard to follow in some parts but I’m sure re-reading the book a few times more will fix that.

NOTE: I am including Paganism in the labels for this book because it does talk about spirituality and I want anyone looking for Pagan books to come across this one. However it is by no means a Pagan Book and most certainly can be read by those who do not follow or believe in a Pagan path.

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