Year in Review 2019

A whole year has gone by again and I sadly didn’t make it to my reading goal, mostly due to some times where I was depressed and played video games instead of reading. I also started out the year doing monthly review posts but that stopped after the first few. I hope to try that… Read More »

Statistics for 2010

Yet again I didn’t keep proper track of my books. I used my modified version of the excel file from Firefly’s Book Blog but it doesn’t help if you forget to enter the info when you finish a book. So again I had to add books out of order and figure it all out. Books… Read More »

Statistics for 2009

Wow am I late in doing this. The problem is I haven’t been keeping proper track of the books read in the last half of this year. I haven’t done my monthly review of books since April 2009. Oops. I may not have the books in the proper month but my final list of books… Read More »

Statistics for 2008

I had no idea book bloggers kept so many stats about the books they read so they can do a stats post at the end of the year. I have no way of knowing at a glance most of those stats so here is what I can do (by counting by hand/eye.) Books Reviewed This… Read More »