Statistics for 2009

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Wow am I late in doing this. The problem is I haven’t been keeping proper track of the books read in the last half of this year. I haven’t done my monthly review of books since April 2009. Oops. I may not have the books in the proper month but my final list of books read is accurate otherwise.

Books Read This Year: 125 (including picture books) [Compared to 250 in 2008]
*I don’t review all the picture books I read with my kids. Just ones for challenges or ones I especially liked.

I don’t count picture books in my pages read total, which is: 18618
I’ve never counted this before so I have no idea if that’s good or not.

Out of 125 books read:
[Doesn’t add up to 125 because a few books were meant for more than one category]

32 picture books [compared to 87 in 2008]
9 fiction [compared to 33 in 2008]
47 nonfiction [compared to 56 in 2008]
13 childrens fiction [compared to 42 in 2008]
16 childrens nonfiction [compared to 31 in 2008]
6 teen fiction [compared to 17 in 2008]
6 teen nonfiction [compared to 2 in 2008]

Futhermore, of those 125 mentioned above:

16 were Memoirs
9 were parenting books
1 was a poetry book
110 were books sent for me to review [compared to 81 in 2008]

I signed up for over 35 challenges at the beginning of the year but ended up not doing most of them and even the few I probably finished, I didn’t bother keeping track so there’s no challenge number for this year.

Now for some graphs:

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