Statistics for 2010

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Yet again I didn’t keep proper track of my books. I used my modified version of the excel file from Firefly’s Book Blog but it doesn’t help if you forget to enter the info when you finish a book. So again I had to add books out of order and figure it all out.

Books Read This Year: 97 (including picture books) [Compared to 125 in 2009 and 250 in 2008]

Pages read total (not counting picture books) which is: 14541 [compared to 18618 in 2008]

Out of 97 books read:

2010 2009 2008 NOTES
Picture Books 22 32 87 I used to keep track of all picture books read.
Now it’s just ones I review so numbers aren’t completely accurate.
Adult Fiction 2 9 33 My blog focuses on nonfiction and children’s books and I guess I’ve
been sticking to that but WOW, two adult fiction all year.
Adult NF 37 47 56
Teen Fiction 9 6 17
Teen NF 3 6 2
Children’s F 5 13 42
Children’s NF 19 16 31


2010 2009
Memoirs 5 16
Parenting Books 5 9
Review Books 85% 88%

I signed up for a few challenges early on but then after about 3 months, stopped keeping track or even bothering to read from my lists. I decided to scrap doing challenges. They just aren’t for me. Even if it’s a topic or type of book I plan to read more about, I don’t stick to it. I’d rather just read what I want. I will NOT be signing up for ANY challenges in 2011.

Best of List and Blog/Reading Resolutions Coming Soon

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