Top 10 Books Read in 2018 #Top10of2018

I haven’t done it in a few years but I used to always share my top reads in the year and I’m happy to be doing it this year. I’m not technically done reading yet but I am reading my last book so I think I can decide what my top books were. Looking back,… Read More »

Top 10 of 2018

I’m going to be participating in this event called Top 10 of 2018 at Kimberley Faye Reads. From Dec 25 to Dec 31 I’ll be posting about some Top 10s. I may not do every day but here are the topics: Dec 25 – Books I Wish I’d Made Time to Read in 2018 Dec… Read More »

Read My Name – a 2019 Reading Challenge

I hosted a version of this challenge WAAAYYYYYY back in the late 2000s. I decided to bring it back. Please note: Although this blog is a nonfiction blog, this challenge is for fiction as well as nonfiction. GOAL: Read books with your first, middle or last name as an author name, character name, place name… Read More »

I’m Participating in the Short-A-Thon #shortathon18

Two bloggers had a great idea to make a short-a-thon – a readathon where you read your short books. From Dec 21 to Dec 31 we will read all our short books, thus getting them out of the way and encouraging reading during the holiday season. Here is a list of the books I’ll be… Read More »

I’m #5 of the Top 25 Nonfiction Blogs

Blog awards are subjective and sometimes created to bring attention to the award giver but I don’t care, I’m happy about this award. Feedspot gathered the Top 25 Nonfiction Blogs and I made #5! These blogs combine those writing for nonfiction authors/writers and other nonfiction book bloggers like me (yay them!) Go check out the… Read More »

November 2018 Monthly Wrap-Up

I haven’t done a monthly wrap up in a while but I’d like to start doing them again. November Monthly Wrap-Up So.. the month of November is the month I decided to go back to being a part of the book blogging community instead of just doing book reviews. I missed you guys! Books I… Read More »

The Absence of Fiction

This blog is for nonfiction reviews only but it didn’t start out that way. I reviewed all kinds of fiction, mostly picture books and YA fiction because that’s what I preferred. Somewhere along the way I stopped reading fiction (except picture books to my kids) and decided to make the blog nonfiction only. I decided… Read More »