Dear Library

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Dear Library...

Dear Local Library,

Oh how I miss thee. I haven’t been to see you in so long I’ve lost count of how many years it’s been. I didn’t fall out of love with you, I just got busy, and owed fines, and got lots of review books so I stopped coming around.

I didn’t mean to stop coming around all together but I just kept putting off paying your fines and making time to come back. I stopped in once a few years ago just to browse but it’s been probably over 5 years since I took books out of you.

I miss the smell of books, the quietness of people reading or researching, the excitement of what new book I’ll find. I miss perusing the nonfiction sections and especially the new to the library section to see what’s new since the last time I’ve been there.

I want to start coming again and teaching my children what a wonder you are to behold. It will be their turn to pick out new books to read and discover new interests. I’ve got good new Library, I’ve made a plan to pay your fines very soon and make a trip to see you.

Aren’t you excited? I’m excited. I can’t wait to see you again real soon. I hope we can hang out together more often.



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