Top 10 Books Read in 2018 #Top10of2018

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I haven’t done it in a few years but I used to always share my top reads in the year and I’m happy to be doing it this year. I’m not technically done reading yet but I am reading my last book so I think I can decide what my top books were.

Looking back, I read 15 FIVE Star Books in 2018. Here are my top 10 of those books in order starting with the best one.

Top 10 Books Read in 2018

Top 10 Books Read in 2018

    1. Zoobiquity by Barbara Natterson-Horowitz, M.D. and Kathryn Bowers
      “This book is eye opening and a book that every physician and veterinarian or anyone else involved in health care for animals or humans.”
    2. To the Survivors by Robert Uttaro
      “There is nothing bad about the book and I think the book needs to get picked up by a publisher and spread around. Survivors NEED this book, families and friends NEED this book, anyone who works or wants to work with those abused NEED this book.”
    3. Your Next 24 Hours by Hal Donaldson
      “If you have been feeling like there are no good people in the world – read this book. If you have been wanting to do something to make a difference but aren’t sure what – read this book. If you want to show your children that kindness is important – read this book. If you don’t think you can help others because of your living situation – read this book.
    4. I’d Rather Be Reading by Anne Bogel
      “I absolutely adored this book. If you love reading (and you do otherwise you probably wouldn’t be on a book blog) than you MUST own this little book. A lot of fun and interesting stories and tidbits are packed into its small amount of pages.”
    5. Parents Rising by Arlene Pellicane
      “I haven’t read this good a parenting book in a while and I may just read it again to help me make sure I’m putting the ideas into practice. I have plans for the future to get back to where I should be and I can’t recommend Parents Rising enough.”
    6. The Gospel According to God by John MacArthur
      “Overall I found the information very important and moving but easy to read and accessible.”
    7. Paul and His Team by Ryan Lokkesmoe
      “This book first drew my interest because I had been reading through the epistles of Paul and had learned a great deal about his ministry. The idea of learning more about Paul and his team was what interested me the most. However I learned a great deal more.”
    8. Shift Happens by Margot Genger
      “If you find women truck driving interesting or like memoirs that don’t hold back on the bad but also have good that makes you smile, Shift Happens is a great read.”
    9. Age of Crowns by Kori De Leon
      “Age of Crowns is quite different from any other Christian Living book I’ve read. It focus on Jesus’s Kingdom that we are destined to be a part of. We are meant to be led by a King, collect Crowns, be a part of a Kingdom and live in a Castle.”
    10. 88 Great Daddy-Daughter Dates
      “The book is very well written. The authors found a way to make every fun activity a way to grow with God and each other without taking away any of the fun.”

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