Learn Something New 2019 Reading Challenge #LSNReadingChallenge

The reason I love nonfiction books so much is because I can learn so many things. Whether you are learning to knit, or fix cars, or ideas for parenting, or how to play guitar, nonfiction books can help you do it. This reading challenge is simple but fun, just how I like my reading challenges.… Read More »

Review Copy Cleanup Feb 2013

  I haven’t joined reading challenges in a long time and I don’t plan to get all crazy with them but I DO have review books to catch up on, so why not connect with other bloggers while I do so with the Review Copy Cleanup? This is my official sign up post as well… Read More »

Truth is Stranger Than Fiction Challenge 2010

Caitlin from Chaotic Compendiums is hosting the Truth is Stranger than Fiction Challenge It’s all about reading nonfiction which I do normally so this should be easy for me. The level I’m choosing:Nothing But the Truth – Read eight (or more) non-fiction books. 1. Your Name Here: Guide to Life by Michael Rosenbaum2. The N.D.D.… Read More »

2010 World Religion Challenge

Any reader of this blog has probably figured out that I like to read books on a wide variety of religions. For all of 2010 I’ll be doing the World Religion Challenge. I’m taking this path: The Unshepherded Path (Also Known As: The Don’t Tell Me What to Do Path): Read as many books as… Read More »

2010 Bibliophilic Books Challenge

I love reading books about books! For all of 2010. I’ll be trying for the bookworm level (Bookworm: Read three books) but will be reading some picture books about books and reading too which will be extra, they won’t count towards those three. Books Read for Challenge:The Book of Knowledge by David Michael Slater Picture… Read More »

ARC Reading Challenge 2010

Teddy Rose from So Many Precious Books, So Little Time is holding the ARC Reading Challenge again. I’m still hopelessly behind as you’ll see when you see my enormous list but anyway…. So there are three different levels: Level Bronze: .[I fall into b] b. All of us who have or will have more than… Read More »

Memorable Memoir Reading Challenge 2010

Read at least four Memoirs from January 1, 2010 – December 31, 2010. I love memoirs and read them all the time. In fact I have a few on my TBR pile so this shouldn’t be a problem. More rules and join up here: The Betty and Book Chronicles. 1. I am Nujood: Age 10… Read More »