Bloggiesta – Day 2 Update

Getting ready to turn in for the night and wanted to update on my progress. I was busy a lot on Friday and today but I still managed to log in 12 hours somehow which is better than I thought I’d do. Still have tomorrow though! I’ve done the following mini-challenges: blogging goals (just as… Read More »

Bloggiesta – 10 Things Bloggers Should NOT Do Mini-Challenge

The mini-challenge from Word Lily has us rating ourselves (1 to 5) on the following things bloggers should NOT do. It’s from an article at Daily Blog Tips. You Must Not Expect Results Overnight – 4/5 – I know it takes time but sometimes I get impatient. :)You Must Not Ignore Your Readers – 3/5… Read More »

Bloggiesta Starting Line!

It’s time for the 4th Bloggiesta! I love Bloggiesta, this is my third time participating. I only missed the first one! I’m just starting now because I haven’t been home all day! I will also miss a good chunk of tomorrow (11:30-4:30) or so because of a birthday party. However I’m sending the kids to… Read More »

Bloggiesta Mini-Challenge: Desiging Your Own Buttons/Banners

Welcome Bloggiesta participants! Many of you need buttons or banners for a variety of things: reading challenges, entrecard ads, link to you button, blog features or memes and more. While I’m far from being a professional designer, I can and do make my own buttons as I need them. I didn’t do my blog design… Read More »

Bloggista Wrap-Up

Well I’m tired so I’m wrapping up Bloggiesta, the blogging marathon. I didn’t get as much done as I would have liked, mainly because of camping but I got a good head start and usually Bloggiesta gets me out of a blogging funk which I think it did again so I should be able to… Read More »

Bloggiesta Update 2

Well for those just checking in, I was at Girl Guide Camp this weekend so I did lots of Bloggiesta stuff Friday and I did a few planning things at camp and I’ll fit in a few more things tonight. At camp I didn’t get much chance to do anything but I did a bit… Read More »

Bloggiesta Update

Okay well I leave for Girl Guide camp soon so here’s what I accomplished today:  – 4 mini challenges – fixed my label cloud to a list and pruned my labels – updated goodreads currently reading list – updated my book challenges list for what’s done and not done – did some work on the challenges I host which… Read More »