Bloggiesta – 10 Things Bloggers Should NOT Do Mini-Challenge

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The mini-challenge from Word Lily has us rating ourselves (1 to 5) on the following things bloggers should NOT do. It’s from an article at Daily Blog Tips.

You Must Not Expect Results Overnight – 4/5 – I know it takes time but sometimes I get impatient. :)
You Must Not Ignore Your Readers – 3/5 – I definitely don’t talk all about myself but I don’t think I focus on my readers enough either.
You Must Not Scrape Another Bloggers Content – 5/5 – I don’t think I do this. I make sure to credit whatever I use and only use it under fair use.
You Must Not Expect Success Without Promoting – 4/5 – Oh I know what it takes to get noticed. I just don’t always do it.
You Must Not Be Another Blogger – 5/5 – I am my own blogger. There are very few nonfiction bloggers and even fewer nonfiction and children’s book bloggers. I want to have my own style.
You Must Not Fail To Update Your Blog Regularly – 2/5 – Okay this is where I struggle. I build up a readership and visitors and then get side tracked by life and don’t post for a while and lose some readership and visitors. I’ve tried planning posts but I still haven’t figured out the best way to do this for me.
You Must Not Ignore SEO – 3/5 – I’ve researched and implemented some SEO basics but I still have more to learn for sure.
You Must Not Ignore Networking – 2/5 – I know how important this is but I don’t do it enough. I’ve been trying to comment on blogs more but it’s not just that. I need to participate in blog events and features more often and perhaps give some link love.
You Must Not Have An Unreadable/Unnavigable Site – 4/5 – I think I do okay in this area. I’ve not had any complaints and the last two Bloggiesta’s I did I really fixed up the design and layout.
You Must Not Throw Mud Around – 5/5 – I’ve never done this and never will.

TOTAL: 37/50 – Not bad – 74%

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