Bloggiesta Starting Line!

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It’s time for the 4th Bloggiesta! I love Bloggiesta, this is my third time participating. I only missed the first one! I’m just starting now because I haven’t been home all day! I will also miss a good chunk of tomorrow (11:30-4:30) or so because of a birthday party. However I’m sending the kids to grandma’s after the party so hopefully I can get more done then.

Bloggiesta is a blogging to do marathon. A chance to get to that to do list of things that will make your blog better with the addition of mini-challenges and prizes!

I”m hosting my very first mini-challenge ever this year on making your own buttons and banners.

The other bloggiesta’s I did I improved my blog in general (labels, links, layout, design etc.) but I only have ONE goal this year:

  • Catch up on reviews.

This may sound simple but I am so behind I have books I read a year ago to review. I want to be caught up so that I can review a book within a week of finishing it. I have over 30 books to review. Wish me luck!

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