The Girl Who Loved Giraffes

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A book review of The Girl Who Loved Giraffes and Became the World’s First Giraffologist by Kathy Stinson

A book review of The Girl Who Loved Giraffes and Became the World's First Giraffologist by Kathy Stinson

Stars: *****

Fitzhenry and Whiteside (2021)
Children’s Nonfiction>Animals
56 pages

Disclosure: I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. This post contains affiliate links.

Summary: When Anne Innis Dagg saw her first giraffe in a zoo she was entranced. So much so that a love for giraffes shaped her whole life. She decided at a young age that she would one day travel from her home in Canada to study giraffes in their natural environment in Africa.

After overcoming obstacles based on her gender, Anne succeeded in fulfilling her dream in 1956 and became the world’s leading scientific expert on giraffes.

In The Girl Who Loved Giraffes, Kathy Stinson and Francois Thisdale have created a beautiful picture book that captures the dramatic story of Anne’s life, the majestic beauty of giraffes and fascinating facts about this most intriguing and magnificent creature.

The Girl Who Loved Giraffes

Giraffes are one of my favourite animals so I naturally had to have this book. It was a lovely tale of a woman who wanted a job that was not considered an option for women at the time. Studying animals and getting a degree was not for women. But that didn’t stop Anne. She found a way.

This is a wonderful tale for anyone but especially girls and young women. It shows them that they shouldn’t let anything stop them from achieving their dreams. It’s also a good book for animal lovers and especially lovers of giraffes like me. Finally it’s a great book for those wondering what types of jobs animal lovers can have.

The book is illustrated by Francois Thisdale and the illustrations are so beautiful and calming. I love them.

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