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A book review of The Vail Method: Dr. Ehrlich’s Guide to Getting Better Not Just Older by Mathhew Ehrlich, MD

A book review of The Vail Method: Dr. Ehrlich's Guide to Getting Better Not Just Older by Mathhew Ehrlich, MDStars: ***

Doctor’s Advice Press (2020)
162 pages

Disclosure: I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. This post contains affiliate links.

Summary: Dr. Matt Ehrlich’s lifestyle guide outlined in his book, The Vail Method: Dr. Ehrlich’s Guide To Getting Better Not Just Older, is a practical, holistic approach to getting and remaining healthy for your lifespan using scientifically proven methods and evidence-based medicine.

The Vail Method is your blueprint to a better you! Inspired by Vail, Colorado-the town near where author Dr. Ehrlich and his family make their home-Vail’s biggest draw is as an enclave offering a positive and healthy lifestyle for everyone.

Calling on his two and a half decades of experience as a medical doctor, Dr. Ehrlich coaches you through the maze of information surrounding fitness, nutrition, and well-being, teaching you a practical approach to a healthier lifestyle for middle age and beyond.

The Vail Method

This book is a nutrition and exercise guide for the aging person who doesn’t want to be unfit just because they are older. Dr. Ehrlich’s method (named after his hometown) combines 4 basic components:

  1. 1. plant-based diet and nutrition
  2. 2. aerobic exercise with lactate threshold testing and heart rate-based training
  3. 3. rest, with avoidance of overtraining, and sleep
  4. 4. mindfulness and relaxation

The book wasn’t for me, mainly because it’s made for those who are willing to make big changes, no matter how hard, to their life in the name of health. The Vail Method expects you to eat a plant based diet and I’m just not willing to completely give up meat. It also expects a high level of aerobic exercise with tests that wouldn’t be covered by basic coverage (aka $$) and daily training. I don’t doubt this would result in a great change in my health, but it’s just not for me. I’m not willing to make those sacrifices personally.

However, IF you are willing to go hardcore with your diet and exercise and put in the work, I don’t doubt the Vail Method would work to keep you healthy, despite your aging. The guide isn’t long, which is good if you don’t have a lot of time. If you prefer lots of explanations about a diet or exercise program though you will find the book a little short. I would say it covers the basics you would need to know to follow the program.

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