God’s Blueprint For Your Marriage

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A book review of God’s Blueprint For Your Marriage by Daniel H Smith (Emmaus Bible Commentary)

A book review of God's Blueprint For Your Marriage by Daniel H Smith (Emmaus Bible Commentary)Stars: *****

Emmaus Bible College (1990)
Christian Living/Marriage
63 pages

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Summary: Family life is important in every generation. This twentieth century has brought unbelievable stress on marriages and families. In this commentary you will gain some fresh insight into: the biblical foundations for marriage and family life, the role of husband and wife in the home, the role of parents in child training and discipline, maintaining a spiritual climate in the home and establishing dependence and goals. These and other relevant areas are addressed in this beautiful new commentary. You’ll want to read it again and again.

God’s Blueprint For Your Marriage

This little booklet was originally written for bible schools to use but I found it in a used book store and I’m glad I did. It may be a little old but the truths it brings are still relevant because the teaching is based in the Bible which was of course, written long ago. If you want to know what God designed for marriage, this is the book you want.

I really enjoyed finally getting proper answers to what a God designed marriage is, as opposed to blog posts from other bloggers who mean well. Some are consistent with what God says but some are not. The author knows his material, God would be proud of this book (and he probably is.)

Chapters include Old Testament Foundations for Marriage, New Testament Teaching on Marriage and Family Life, The Husband’s Role in the Home, The Wife’s Role in Marriage and the Home, Developing a Committed and Intimate Marriage Relationship, The Parent’s Role in Child Training and Discipline, Spiritual Life in the Home, Good Family Communication, How the Family Relates to Others, Setting Proper Dependence and Goals, Problems in Marriage and Family Life and Resolving Difficult Marriage and Family Life Problems.

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