Before the World Was Ready by Claire Eamer

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Before the World Was Ready: Stories of Daring Genius in Science by Claire Eamer

Before the World Was Ready by Claire EamerStars: *****

Annick Press (2018)
128 pages

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Summary:  Earth revolves around the sun. Washing hands helps stop the spread of disease. Poisons in the environment affect the entire ecosystem. Today, these ideas are common knowledge but at one time, they were all rejected. As is often the case, it can take years for people to accept a new idea or invention that changes the way they see the world. In this thought-provoking book, you’ll find out what happened when people weren’t ready to listen to innovators who came up with revolutionary ideas.

Before the World Was Ready

Before the World Was Ready was designed for ages 9-12 but I found it very interesting and it would be a perfect book for a science lover.

Inventions and scientific discoveries are amazing in of themselves but when you realize that there were people who figured them out long before the world was ready to hear about them, it makes them more amazing.

In some cases you may have heard of both the original scientist and the one that is given the most credit (such as Copernicus and Galileo) but in some cases, the original scientist or in some cases, average person doesn’t get any recognition such as Sir George Cayley who was experimenting with flying vehicles long before the Wright Brothers.

Hearing repeated stories of people’s ideas being ignored, quieted and laughed at makes me wonder what things people are discovering right now that we are ignoring or laughing at that 30 years from now we may realize they were right about.

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