I Ate All Your Cookies by Quinn Conroy

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I Ate All Your Cookies (and other things you wish you could tell your kids) by Quinn Conroy ~ Parenting Humor

I Ate All Your Cookies

Stars: ★★★★★

Sourcebooks (October 2012)
203 pages

Disclosure: I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. This post contains affiliate links.

Summary: Parents love their kids very much, they feed them, clothe them, and even wipe their butts, but who wouldn’t love to tell their kids they ate all the good stuff while they were asleep, just to see the pissed off looks on their faces, every once and awhile. I Ate All Your Cookies hilariously reveals all the secret truths that parents would love to share with their children.

This book is HILARIOUS! It’s filled with short anecdotes of things you’ve thought but never said to your children. Many have accompanying photos that go well with them.

Quotes From the Book:

“Your thinking face is a lot like your pooping face.” –  pg 5

“Soon, you’re going to learn how little I really know about parenting. I’m making this crap up as I go along. Don’t tell your sister, she’s next.” – pg 10

“Yes, going to the dentist seriously sucks. Wait till you see the crazy sharp tools she’s going to use, too. I would run if I were you.” – pg 31

“Dora is clearly on some serious drugs, honey. No one is that happy. Take it from me.” – pg 105

If you couldn’t tell from some of those quotes, the book does use some bad language and there is mild sex talk as well (you just KNEW there was a quote about those special adult toys in the drawer didn’t you?)

You may not personally agree with all the quotes but I think you will for the majority of them and they will have you laughing out loud, that’s for sure. I just had to share this book with my friends so we could laugh together.

A perfect gift for a mother!

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