30 Days to Virtual Productivity Success by Gail Z. Martin

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30 Days to Virtual Productivity Success by Gail Z. Martin Book Cover

Stars: ★★★★★

Career Press (2012)
192 pages

Summary: Laptops, smart phones, and tablet PCs have made today’s business owner more mobile than ever, but life on the go also makes it more difficult to stay organized, be productive, and focus on promoting your business. [This book] is the busy business owner’s guide for getting more done with less time, making productive contacts online, and using the power of the internet to turn productivity into profits. It’s an easy-to-read, quick-to-implement resource to maximize time and effort. – from back of the book


Using Technology to Improve Productivity

It’s so refreshing to read a book about making the most of your time that isn’t so word heavy and long that you are using up a lot of that time just to read the book and implement the ideas. The book gets straight to the point in short chapters. The book is only 192 pages long.

Although this book is aimed at companies who provide a product or service, if you are a professional blogger or website owner, you will find this book helpful as well. Professional bloggers need to promote their blog and organize their time and resources as well to stay afloat.

Let me share with you the Table of Contents but know that in each small section, no time is wasted. Short but thorough explanations are given on the subject matter and then computer programs, smartphone/tablet apps or related resources are explained along with how it will boost productivity, save time or keep you organized. You can easily skip over sections or suggestions that don’t apply to you or mentally adapt and idea to fit your needs. The first six chapters are general and then it really gets into helpful apps and programs.

Table of Contents

  1. Why Most Business Development Efforts Fail
  2. Your Profit Power Tool: The Business Plan
  3. Digging Into the Business Plan for Big Payoff
  4. Mining Networking Gems from the Business Plan
  5. Creating a Business Development Action Plan
  6. Finding your Real Story and True Voice
  7. Touches to Transactions
  8. Productivity Basics: Cloud Computing
  9. Virtual Calendar and Scheduling
  10. Remote Computer Access and Storage
  11. Skype and Other Virtual Phone Options
  12. Virtual Meeting Spaces and Teleconferencing
  13. Sharing, Storing and Safeguarding Documents
  14. Where the Work Is: Virtual Freelancing Hotspots
  15. Paying and Getting Paid
  16. Dashboards and One-Stop Time Savers
  17. Empowering the Road Warrior
  18. Smartphone and Tablet Apps for Busy People
  19. Mobile Apps for When You’re On the Road
  20. More Tools for Social Media Productivity and Presentations
  21. Expanding Your Contacts
  22. Organizing Time and Thoughts
  23. Promotional Tools on Facebook and Twitter
  24. Promote with Online Reviews and Directories
  25. Online Reputation Management
  26. Online Event Promotion and Management
  27. Virtual Deals and Coupons
  28. Free (and Almost Free) PR and Marketing
  29. Promoting With Web Audio, Video, and Photos
  30. Viral Marketing: Getting Your Customers to Promote For You

Plus Intro, Afterword, and Websites and Apps listing.

Chapter Layout

Results Reminder (short paragraph with a recap/reminder from the chapter)

Rule of 30 (This is a 30 day guide and recommends you put at least 30 minutes of effort into it a day. So the number 30 is big here. Usually you are asked to list 30 things related to the chapter that will help you plan what you need or help you focus)

Action Item (One or a few actions to complete to put into practice the knowledge gained in the last chapter. Nothing too hard and usually related to your rule of 30.)

Gail Z. Martin has authored many books, both fiction and non. She has published two other books in the 30 Days to series: 30 Days to Social Media Success and 30 Days to Online PR and Marketing Success

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