The Butt Book and Poopendous! by Artie Bennett

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Appealing to your preschooler/primary grader, Artie Bennet takes subjects normally taboo for a book and put’s it out there for children to learn and have fun.

Stars for Both: ★★★★★

The Butt Book by Artie Bennett                     Poopendous by Artie Bennett

The Butt Book

The Butt Book was published in 2010 and teaches children the many names for butts and the fact that all animals have butts although they all look different:

“Buttocks is the formal name – and no two buttocks are the same.”

“Some names for butts have foreign flair: tuchas, keister, derriere!”

The book is funny and informational. It even talks about WHY we have butts:

“Why do we have butts? Perchance, a place to place our underpants?”

After that is many uses for our butts.

My kids talked about this book for weeks after we first read it, pointing out people and animal butts and using their newly learned words for it. 


New for 2012, is Poopendous. I was a little more wary to try this book out. Butts is one thing, but poop? However knowing how interesting and funny my five and six year olds think it is, I figured the would like it. Plus I actually learned something in the first book, so who knows what I’d learn in the second book.

We are given a fair warning:

“Poop is yucky, poop is foul. Step in poop and you will howl. To read this book, you must be strong. Just hold your nose and come along.”

We learned baby words for poop, what the terms Guano, dung and manure mean. We learned what monkeys do with their poop, what shape wombats poop in (it’s weird!) and the many uses of poop around the world (building, games, helping plants grow, marking a trail, even souvenirs and cooking!)

“Some county fairs have just the thing – a thrill-filled, skill-filled, cowpie fling!”

It’s some seriously funny stuff.

My kid’s reactions as we read the book:

“We’re reading a book about POOP?!!!”

“Eww they TOUCH it?”

“If poop has germs if we touch it, how does it help plants grow?”

“I would never wear jewellery made out of poop!”

“The beetle EATS the poop? Ewwwwwww!!!!!!”

What One Daughter Said After Reading Poopendous

“I want to read a book about pee!”

*Hint Hint Artie!


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