Follow Me! Creating a Personal Brand With Twitter by Sarah-Jayne Gratton, @grattongirl #FollowMe

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Follow Me Twitter Branding

Stars: ★★★★★

John Wiley & Sons (2012)
Social Media Marketing

Summary: It’s not what you say to others that makes your brand successful. It’s what others say about you. And Twitter is where they’re talking. It’s where you find out what your customers want and see your offerings from their perspective. Where you discover what tickles their emotions, gest the conversation going, and makes them respond with conviction and passion. Here’s how to build your brand with Twitter.

First of all I must mention that you do not have to be a company to use this book. Every person has their own brand. Those of us with an online presence like bloggers have a brand.

I love learning about social media so I was excited to read Follow Me! My blogs are my brand and I love twitter but know I have some things to learn on the best way to use it.I have switched back and forth between programs and trying to find the best one for me with not much luck. I finally got Tweet Deck to work on this computer (online anyways) and have been using that to be more active and engaging on twitter.

What I learned from the Follow Me book:

  • How twitter has changed since it’s inception
  • Optimizing my twitter profile
  • The importance of a complete profile
  • Four Types of Tweets and How to Use them
  • The difference between quality and quantity of followers
  • What Bots are and how to identify them
  • How to create a twittertorial calendar
  • The “Global Power of Twitter”
  • Hashtags and Trending tips
  • Stories about Twitter Pros
  • Twitter Toolkit (tools)

One thing I really appreciated was that the stories of twitter pros was not just all about them and how awesome they are (although they are!) It was about how they got started on twitter, how they created and maintain their brand, what tools they use and their twitter advice. I followed many of the ones featured in the book.

The two most useful chapters for me were about the four types of tweets and how to create a twittertorial calendar. If you are not as familiar with twitter as I am though, you will definitely find much use in the rest of book.

I highly recommend this book, especially to fellow bloggers who are serious about their image and I also recommend following @grattongirl.

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