The 411 on Life Skills by Michele Sfakianos, RN, BSN

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Stars: *****

Summary: Are you ready to move out on your own? Going to college? Suddenly single? Widowed? Do you know how to clean the house, balance the checkbook, cook, care for the finances, or know what it takes to buy a home or car? Do you know about kitchen safety, preventing pests and bugs, and when food spoils? If you need help in these areas you have come to the right place.

This is a great book for all the situations above, but even for someone like me who has been away from home for 8 years, and living in my own house, with a husband and kids for 6 years. Maybe you were never taught some of these things and haven’t been doing them the best way. You can still learn something. 

Topics Include: Cleaning, Cooking Safety, Finances, Buying/Renting a home or apartment, Buying a Car, Relationships, Food Spoilage, Laundry and Stain removal, Health and Wellness, First Year Baby Basics, Disaster Preparedness, Etiquette, Preventing Bugs and Pests, Sewing, Healthy Eating, Finances, Travel, Home Repair, Car Care, Computer Smart, Gift Giving Ideas, Funeral Arrangements and Boomerang Kids.
Some topics are more thorough than others but they all give you a start and if you want to know more you could always look up another book or website on the topic. I think this is a great gift idea for a young adult moving out on his or her own.
You can read some chapter previews here

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