Dogs Don’t Eat Jam and Other Things Big Kid Know by Sarah Tsiang

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Stars: *****

Annick Press (2011)
Ages 4-6

Summary: New babies have a lot to learn; lucky for them, the older sibling in this delightful picture book is here to tell them everything they have to remember … and look forward to. – Annick Press

This is the BEST book for older siblings about a new baby I have ever seen and I’ve read quite a few of them. Most take the position of assuming the child will feel less important and going over how its hard because babies need a lot but mom and dad still love you. Don’t Don’t Eat Jam takes a whole other perspective.

The story is narrated by the older sister to her baby brother. She tells of what it was like when she was a baby and how there are some things he will have to learn but that he can do it since she was able to. It’s really cute. She tells him he’ll have to learn to eat baby food, get rid of his soother, crawl and walk as well as things such as dogs don’t eat jam (with an illustration of the girl as a baby spoonfeeding jam to the dog.)

My girls absolutely LOVE this book and it worked well for us as my older ones are girls and the baby is a boy but even if the circumstances are different for you, this is the perfect book if your new older sister or brother is over age 4.

The illustrations by Qin Leng are ADORABLE. I love soft colours in a picture book that is about love and family. It just feels right.

Next time someone asks me for a rebook commendation for a new older sibling, this will be it!

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