Lost Sock!: 200 Clever Ways to Use Your Single Socks by Cynthia L. Copeland with Anya Lewis

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Lost Sock! 200 Clever Ways to Use Your Single Socks

Lost Sock! 200 Clever Ways to Use Your Single Socks by Cynthia L. Copeland with Anya Lewis

* I received a copy of this book from Cider Mill Press to review. All opinions are my own and are not affected by how I acquired the book.

Stars: *****

Cider Mill Press (2008)
224 pages in full colour

Summary: It’s something we all can relate to: you open the dryer, match up your socks…and inevitably a few have mysteriously vanished into thin air. Where have they gone? We don’t know. But now once-happy pairs have become sad “singletons” with no purpose. Now, Cynthia Copeland—whose books regularly break sales records— comes to the rescue with a little gem of a book that gives new meaning to those left-behinds. Filled with Cynthia’s wonderful light-hearted illustrations, contains 200 surprising, clever, and fun uses for the remaining sock, along with humorous insights into where all these missing ones may have washed off to. – From Cider Mill Press

What a great last minute gift idea! This book is SO cute and funny but also useful. You may be thinking how can a book be a reference and humourous. Well it’s possible. With over 200 uses for singleton socks plus lost sock anecdotes (such as quizzes, stories & brainteasers), ideas to stop you from losing them in the first place and adorable illustrations and diagrams.

The ideas are categorized by type: socks for pets, socks for tots, socks with a message, socks in the garden, socks at play, socks in the car, dolls & socks, healing socks, safety socks, socks to protect and many others.

Some sample ideas (please note: the following ideas are © 2008 Cider Mill Press.)

  • Cut off the foot of two long socks and sew them to mittens. They’ll tuck under sleeves and stay on better than mittens alone.
  • If you are painting and want to keep your shoes from getting splattered, slip single socks over them.
  • Frilly socks can be turned into Barbie doll clothes by cutting off the toe and making arm holes

Each idea is shown in point form and if the idea would be best with more colourful, pretty socks, it’s marked by a special sock icon. For example making toys or decorations would be better with nice socks than plain white with faded grey heels.

Perfect for the thrifty crafter.

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