Christmas Picture Books I Recommend

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Mr. Christmas by Roger Hargreaves (Mr. Men. Series)

Stars: ****

Summary: Meet Mr. Christmas! One day, Mr. Christmas receives a call from his uncle, Santa Claus. He needs help with the Christmas presents! Can. Mr. Christmas deliver the presents to all the Mr. Men.

I love the Mr. Men Series and was delighted to see a Christmas version. Although it’s not very believable that Mr. Christmas is related to Santa Claus (since Santa isn’t a strange shape) the story was really cute and it’s not like most kids are as analytical as me. 

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Little Miss Christmas by Roger Hargreaves (Little Miss Series)

Stars: ****

Summary: One Christmas, Little Miss Christmas decides that she needs a break from wrapping presents, so she asks Santa Claus and Mr. Christmas to wrap the last few instead. But will they finish in time?’

I recommend reading Mr. Christmas before Little Miss Christmas only because it shows something from the Mr. Christmas book which will seem a little weird if you haven’t read Mr. Christmas. This book is cute but also had a good lesson in it about being responsible.

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The Three Bears’ Christmas by Kathy Duval

Stars: *****

Summary: This is a Christmas version of the tradition Three Bears story. Instead of Goldilocks, the visitor is Santa, but it doesn’t quite end in the same way as with Goldilocks!

We just got this one from the library but I would love to own it. It’s close to the traditional story but different enough that your child won’t be bored with the story. Older children will love pointing out the similarities and differences between the two stories. Adorable illustrations by Paul Meisel. The author also has created The Three Bears’ Halloween.

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