The Chimp Who Loved Me And Other Slightly Naughty Tales of a Life With Animals by Annie Greer & Tim Vandehey

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Stars: *****

Diva Press (2010)
215 pages
20% of sales go to the ASPCA!

Summary: The Chimp Who Loved Me is a collection of true stories from the life and times of Annie Greer, a veterinary chiropractitioner, animal healer, radio host, speaker, farmer’s wife and all-around magnet for bizarre animal behavior. […] if you crave twisted tales of sex, poop, pee and death, where apes throw donuts at chefs during dinner parties and stoned veterinary students dispense bizarre advice to puzzled dog show contestants, then you won’t be able to put The Chimp Who Loved Me down…until it hits you in the nose because you’re reading in bed. – excerpted from

This Book is Hilarious!

No, seriously. I’m so glad I review self-published books or I would have missed this one. To think all these stories REALLY happened to Annie Greer. Oh My Gosh. She really IS a magnet for weird animal behaviour. I must warn this book has some mature language. However it’s not in an excessive, totally not needed sort of way. It’s also not so much swearing as adult language such as sexual terms, although there is some swearing. Normally I hate swearing but if I was in that situation, I think I would swear too!

I cannot decide which story is my favourite, they were all great. I chuckled or laughed out loud a few times. I wanted to read passages to my husband but he hates when I do that so I restrained.

I’m not sure what else to say other than buy and read this book. I hope it gets picked up by a bigger publisher and gets put on amazon so it’s more readily available.

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The Chimp Who Loved Me is not available on [UPDATE: It will be on in January, I will provide a link when I get it.] but you can buy it through Lulu. Remember: 20% of sales go to the ASPCA.

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