The Triumphant Child: Caring For Your Newborn

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The Triumphant Child: Caring for your newborn Edited by Dr. Olson Huff and Nicole Rawson-Huff

Stars: *****

Sixty Second Parent (2009)
Adult Nonfiction
315 pages

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Summary: Whether this is your first or your fourth baby, life with a newborn is an exciting yet challenging experience. Dr. Olson Huff and Nicole Rawson-Huff have joined with a team of leading pediatric specialists to provide everything you’ll need to prepare and support you and your family as you make the huge leap from pregnancy to parenting. from

This is a great book for a first time mom who wants to know everything and anything about raising their child for the first 2 months.

First few days, newborn skin/reflexes/senses, temperament, milestones, communication, bathing, circumcision, cord care, cradle cap, diapering, fontanelle (soft spot), nail care, finding a doctor, fever, baby’s first visit to doctor, immunizations, breastfeeding, formula feeding, burping, reflux, elimination, crying, sleeping, swaddling, massage, bonding, taking care of mom, support, relationships (with spouse and other children), safety, car seats, sun/winter safety, multiples, premature babies, adopting, child care, fathers and more.

I’m pregnant with my third child now so I didn’t read anything I didn’t already know but then I’m a big reader. I could see this book being good even if it isn’t your first child, especially if it’s been a while. You may have forgotten things but also, parenting advice changes.

The book is easy to read and very easy to find a section if you are looking for information on something specific. The book is full of tips as well.

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