Camp Out! from the Backyard to the Backwoods by Lynn Brunelle

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It’s Day 7. I’ll have a giveaway tomorrow. For today I bring you a camping guide for kids that could teach and adult something too!

Stars: *****

Summary: Ultimate kid’s guide to camping skills, projects, activities, recipes and much, much more. 

Contents and sample info:

Gearing Up (Gear, what to bring, what you should know about it, packing list and uses for duct tape.)
Home Away From Home (setting up camp by section, how to make a tent, a teepee, a no-sew sleep sack, building a fire and cooking on it, making a latrine and showers.)
Good Grub (planning meals, meal ideas, fresh foods, 36 pages of recipes and protecting food from bears)
Camping Skills (15 pages of knots, tug of war, bandanna caps, reading maps, compass including making yoru own, navigation without compass, trail signs and if you’re lost.)
Somethings In the Air (Weather basics)
What’s Up? (Astronomy)
Backpack Naturalist (Experiments and projects including but not limited to: field journal, investigating an old log, measuring a tree, plant pressing, bug lab and sundial.)
Crafty Camping (Crafts such as: campsite pictographs, rock sculptures, branch weavings, grass bracelet, sand candles and much more.)
Letting Loose (Car games, daytime games, night games, crazy olympics, morse cods, shadow animals and spooky stories.)
Extras (Animal tracks and campfire songs)

This is the best kids camping nonfiction book I’ve seen. Although I’m an adult, I will be referring back to the animal tracks and astrology sections for sure. I have also used some of the activities with my Girl Guides.

Highly Recommended

Fun Fact: The author Lynn Brunelle was a writer for Bill Nye the Science Guy!

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