The Amanda Project: invisible i by Stella Lennon

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Stars: *****

Harper Teen (2009)
Teen Fiction
352 pages

Summary: When enigmatic high schooler Amanda Valentino disappears, her friends vow to find her. But once the teens follow clues that might lead to Amanda, they realize that everything they thought they knew about her was false. As they compare notes on their missing friend, the mystery of where – and who – Amanda is deepens.

The Amanda Project actually started out as a blog ( where readers can write stories, post art and share theories about Amanda (which may be used in later books.) They can also design and buy clothing an accessories inspired by Amanda and read regularly updated content. You can find out more about how the project is becoming a book series this The Amanda Project page.

As for the story itself, I enjoyed it. I read this book pretty fast which I usually do when I enjoy a story. I don’t normally read series as I’ve mentioned before but I could see myself getting the rest of the books when they come out just so I can find out who Amanda is! If you don’t like cliffhangers though this may not be for you. In some series, you can read just the one and never go back to the series again and you’d be fine. However, not with this one. The story doesn’t end in invisible i.

I find that in lots of teen or tween mysteries, the answer of what’s going on is obvious to me. Well I can say without a doubt that after reading this book, I still have NO idea what’s going on. That’s a good thing! I like how the story starts. Book one is told by Callie, one of the three main characters and we find out everything as she finds it out, not before. I find when I know something before a character does, it bothers me.

I also like the underlying story about Callie. Not everything is about Amanda. We find out some facts about Callie’s life in the past and present and follow her along as she breaks free of a life she doesn’t want to lead and becomes her own person.

A little note about Stella Lennon. There is no Stella Lennon. The books in The Amanda Project series are being written by quite a few different authors (as each one is told from a different point of view) and they wanted all the books to sit on the shelf together so they are writing under the pseudonym Stella Lennon.

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