Gifts of the Heart by Karen Boes Oman

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Stars: *****

Summary: When a terrible storm whisks Grandpa and Grandma off the road on the day before Christmas, it scatters their grandchildren’s presents all across Mother Goose Land. Their search for the lost gifts leaves them empty-handed but with hearts overflowing with love. But what will Grandpa and Grandma tell their grandkids when they arrive without presents? A knock on the door leads grandparents and grandchildren on an exciting Christmas Eve adventure, a night filled with music, magic and the best gifts of all – gifts of the heart.

I love this book for these reasons:

  1. It’s a holiday story for my grandparents to read to grandchildren.
  2. It promotes the idea of giving to those in need.
  3. It shows that Christmas isn’t all about presents.

I wish this book had found me a few years ago. It’s beautiful. The illustrations by Marilyn Brown are soft and Christmasy. I’m not sure how to describe them but they are gorgeous. The story itself is magnificent. Here’s a small quote:

“‘Our coats!’ I whispered into Grandma’s ear. She whispered back ‘Dear, they’ll be warming kids here.’ ‘For I see a need, and so if I start giving coats to the coatless, I’m giving my heart.'”

This book is self-published at the moment but I can see a large publisher picking this book up for sure. I know I’d be honored to have my name or company name in the inside cover. I HIGHLY recommend this book to all grandparents who celebrate Christmas.

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