Change in How I Do Challenges

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When I started January 2009 I was signing up for so many challenges it was crowding my blog out so I started a separate blog for my challenges. Then I went through a few times where I lost interest in reading or blogging for a short while plus I’m so behind in review books I haven’t been able to read books that fit most of the challenges I signed up for. So of the 35+ challenges I signed up for I’ll finish perhaps 1-3 this year.

So for the rest of 2009 and all of 2010 I plan on only signing up for a few challenges, ones I can for sure do. As such I’ll be putting them on this blog again as it’s easier to keep track.

Any challenge I have or will finish by Dec. 31 or any that I did finish on time will be posted about here and the other blog will be deleted. Any future challenges will be posted here and you can expect a few posts about that in the next few months.

Book Bloggers/Challenge Takers… How do you keep track of challenges? Main blog, other blog, just on paper…..

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