I’m a Turkey by Jim Arnosky

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Stars: *****

An illustrated version of Jim Arnosky’s “I’m a Turkey” song which he has popularized in school performances all around the U.S. If you loved Gobble It Up, you will love I’m a Turkey. (PreK-3)

This is a great Thanksgiving holiday read and it teaches a bit about turkeys too. I love the way the words flow:

“I’m a turkey, they call me Tom. I got a turkey dad and a turkey mom.
I got a turkey brother and sister too. I’m part of a flock of 102 – wild turkeys. Every one. “

The ending is really cute too. No talk about eating the turkey or anything, it says that if you ever come across a flock of turkeys it might be him so gobble so he can gobble back basically. Very cute.

The illustrations are adorable as you can see from the cover art.

You can download the song the book was made from at Scholastic.

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