Dump ‘Em: How to Break Up with ANYONE from your BEST FRIEND to Your HAIRDRESSER by Jodyne L. Speyer

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Stars: *****

Summary: I think the subtitle says it all. This book is NOT about breaking up with a spouse/partner but about breaking up with everyone else.

Here is a complete list of who’s covered: Hairdresser, manicurist/waxer, trainer, therapist, neighbour, house guest, kid’s friend’s parents, landlord, friend, assistant, co-worker, boss, carpooler, family, nanny/babysitter, housekeeper, roommate, contractor, accountant, lawyer, doctor and mechanic. We can’t forget the appendix which is Dumping Your Author. (very funny!)

This books is both helpful AND hilarious.

For each “person” on the dump list, the book follows a set layout. I’ve give examples from the Hairdresser one. (pages pg 3-15) The layout is as follows:

1. A funny cartoon picture with some “Signs It’s Time to Dump Your _____” – such as: “Your smock is covered in dandruff… and it’s not yours.”

2. The author’s experiences with the type of person

3. What she’s learned from those experiences

4. “Laying the Groundwork” is some basic ideas to consider first – such as: “Make sure you have realistic expectations of what you hair can and cannot do. If you don’t know, ask your hairdresser.”

5. “How to Dump ‘Em” are a few different ideas – such as Talk to the Hair(stylist), Musical Salon Chairs and 1-800-flowers.com. The main one includes steps to take – such as: “2. Acknowledge your discomfort: This is an awkward conversation to have.”

6. “In a Pinch” will give you some more ideas if the first few didn’t work – such as “Locks of Love”

7. A short interview with someone at least somewhat related to the chapter – such as Paul-Jean Jouve (Owner and Celebrity Hair Designer of Paul-Jean Salon in Beverly Hills) The answers again are both helpful and silly, depending on the interviewee.

8. “Dumpipedia” which has interesting tidbits of information – such as “The average life span of a strand of hair is between four and seven years.”

This is the layout the book follows for each “person” to dump. I like when books keep a certain format, especially nonfiction books. It’s because of that and the fact that the book is so helpful and yet so funny at the SAME time that I’ve given it five stars.

Thanks to HarperCollins for the opportunity to review Dump ‘Em!

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