Facing The Lion: Growing Up Maasai on the African Savanna by Jospeh Lemasolai Lekuton

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Stars: *****

This book is being counted towards the Africa Reading Challenge, The Book Around the World Challenge and In Their Shoes Challenge.

I need a book that would fit both of these challenges and wasn’t too long because I’m trying to squeeze as many challenge books as possible before Dec. 31 when they are all over. Facing the Lion is a Children’s Fiction book of 123 pages. It was recommended by Book Crazy.

This is an awesome book. It’s not only about growing up African but growing up as a Nomad in Kenya which is quite different from the average Kenyan. We learn many things including:

– The significance of lions to the Maasai

– How they spend their days
– What school is like
– What happens for the initiation rite, including circumcision
– How Lemasolai (his Maasai name) made it to America
– How it’s possible to live in both worlds, Modern Day America and as a Nomad in Kenya

I found all of it very fascinating and although it was written for older children, it’s a great read for an adult too. I highly recommend it.

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