Working Like A Dog by Gena K. Gorrell

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Working Like a Dog Book

Stars: *****

Children’s Non-Fiction
160 pages
Tundra Books – Sept 2003

I received a copy of this book for review from Tundra Books.

This book is aimed at ages 10 and up however it’s got so much information that it would work as adult non-fiction too! I loved it!

I enjoy reading books about dogs and this book was just the kind of book I enjoy. Working Like A Dog is The Story of Working Dogs Through History.

The book is divided into chapters titled: In From the Cold (from Wolf to Dog), Tools and Toys (Early Dogs), Doing What Comes Naturally (Types of Dogs and what they were meant for (Hunting, Tracking, etc..), Making Sense of Scents (How dogs smell and related jobs such as explosives detecting, tracking), The Nose Knows (Drug Sniffing, Illegal Items brought across borders, Search and Rescue etc..), Dark Days – Dogs Go To War, Breaking Down the Barriers (Dogs and Special Needs), Top Dogs (Show Dogs) and The Personal Pooch.

The book has many black and white illustrations, many from years or decades past that illustrate what is being talked about wonderfully. There are even a few pictures from before cameras were instant. I learned that dogs were featured all the time in portraits but almost never in photographs because they couldn’t sit still long enough for the picture to take.

I liked that the book didn’t just cover the very basics. For example the chapter on Dogs and Special Needs didn’t just cover dogs for the blind and deaf but dogs that work with those who are Autistic, those with heart issues and those with narcolepsy.

I really found this book interesting and learned lots of new things about dogs.

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