D.W.’s Guide to Perfect Manners by Marc Brown

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Stars: *****

This book is being read for the Celebrate the Author challenge.

Marc Brown is the author of the Arthur books which have been made into a TV cartoon series. Most of the time, Arthur is the narrator for the stories but in this one, his sister D.W. is.

This book is a wonderful guide to manners for children 3-7. Arthur dares D.W. that she can’t be perfect for one whole day. “Well, I’ll show him. Just watch me.” – D.W. page 1

Besides the text there are speech bubbles to show who’s talking too. D.W. is trying to be “perfect” but she is by no means so perfect it’s not realistic to a child.

“Arthur says I’m always late for school or play dates. Well, even if I am late, I never forget to say ‘good-bye’ when I leave.” – pg 7

On the page about helping to set the dishes, a place setting is shown and labelled (plate, knife, napkin etc..) There is lots of humour for kids too:

“I try everything on my plate … most of hte time. It might taste good even if it doesn’t look good – unless it’s spinich!” – pg 21

Finally at the very back is an Are You Perfect Yet? quiz for the older child.

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