Animals Are Sleeping by Suzanne Slade

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Stars: *****

Illustrator: Gary Phillips
Publisher: Sylvan Dell Publishing
Ages: 2-6

I reviewed an e-book version of this picture book for the publisher. First you should know that Sylvan Dell Publishing’s motto is Science and Math Through Literature. After every story is quite a few pages of something called For Creative Minds which contains all sorts of fun and educational info and activities for further learning.

The For Creative Minds section of this book contains: and activity where you match the animal to the sentence about their sleeping habits. Also by going to the website you can find related websites and teaching activities for this book (and the others,) including quizzes. There is also an author interview, book flyer a place to read more reviews.

The story itself is beautiful with some rhyming text. We learn that some animals sleep upside down, or in a burrow, or on the snow or perched in a tree. At the end is a picture of a human sleeping in a cozy bed. It’s the perfect bedtime story.

As you can see from the pictures at left and right, the illustrations are amazing. In fact the illustrations in all the books by Sylvan Dell Publishing look amazing! I will be looking to buy this book for my children as it’s too good to pass up.

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