Pact of the Wolves by Nina Blazon (trans. Sue Innes)

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Stars: *****

I received this book for review from Annick Press. It’s a YA novel. It’s a translated version of The Federation of Wolves. I will be counting it towards the 2nd Canadian Book Challenge and R.I.P. III Challenge.

Summary: “A Boarding school built on the foundations of a medieval convent haunted by rumors of torture and barbaric rituals. A secret society. An unexplained death. Part thriller, part gothic novel, this spellbinding story catapults 16-year-old Bianca into a sequence of nightmarish events.”

Wow! This book had me a little scared. When I read fiction, I get sucked in and I become the character. So all the spooky, scary or upsetting things that happened to the main character Bianca, happened to me. This is the last book that I received from Annick Press’s Spring Catalogue that I hadn’t yet read. I was putting it off because I was having second thoughts about if I’d like it. Now I wish I’d read it right away!

It’s an average size teen novel at just over 200 pages and has a very interesting cover. As the unexplained death became like a mystery subplot, I tried to figure out what happened, as I do with every mystery novel I read. The mark of a good mystery is if I can’t figure out what happened until they reveal it. This is one of those books. My ideas were so wrong!

This is one of the best YA novels I’ve read this year for sure.

The author’s homepage is here but it’s in German. You can read a (roughly) translated version through this link. If for some reason that second link doesn’t work, go to and input the url and ask it to translate German to English.

You can also read a little bit in English at the Annick Press site here.

She’s apparently written lots of YA novels, but as far as I know, The Pact of the Wolves is the only one translated in English. I hope Annick Press has more translated and published!

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