Ramona the Pest by Beverly Cleary

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Stars: *****

This book was read for the Celebrate the Author challenge and the Heart of a Child challenge.

So I read this when I was a child although I didn’t really remember much about it. What a cute little book! Just like how she captured the thoughts of Socks the cat in her book Socks, Beverly Cleary has captured the thoughts of a five year old rambunctious girl. I don’t remember much about being five but I’ve worked with five year olds and I do think that most of how Ramona behaves and what she thinks is consistent with a five year old. Ramona is what we are now calling a Spirited Child.

For example in the first chapter, the Kindergarten class is read a story called Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel. Ramona loves the story but has always wondered how Mike Mulligan went to the bathroom, as does the rest of the class. After a few suggestions from the kids, the teacher says, “The reason the book does not tell us how Mike Mulligan went to the bathroom is that it is not an important part of the story. The story is about digging the basement of the town hall, and that is what the book tells us.” Ramona and the class are surprised that the teacher doesn’t understand that going to the bathroom is important. I can just see five year olds thinking this way.

The whole book was delightful and I can see why Beverly Cleary’s books are so popular.

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